14. July 2020

The Form Cut-Off Tool for complex Geometries!

When establishing complex forms, it has become increasingly important to be able to maintain high productivity when manufacturing precision parts. Especially because hard-to-machine materials represent a big challenge for manufacturers. However, smooth transition of contours, is easy with Schwanog!

Special form cut-off tools from Schwanog offer the perfect solution. Why? Often it is difficult to manufacture more complex forms on the cut-off side of a part using a standard cut-off tool. In these situations it is worth using a Schwanog form cut-off tool to ensure an absolutely smooth transition of the contour.

At the same time, at the start of the next part, forms or corner breaks can be added, resulting in a reliable tool and immense time savings.

An important requirement for using a form cut-off tool is the availability of a sub-spindle on the machine.



  • Process-Safe manufacturing of the most complex forms
  • Significant time savings due to adding of forms or corner breaks at the start of next part


We would be happy to give you more details about potential applications. Please email us your part drawing or give us a call and we will get back to you.