Schwanog in a practical test –
awarded the grade 'piercingly good'

In a competition under real-life conditions, Schwanog took part in the comparative test "piercing instead of copy turning" on a machine with a sliding headstock and one with a fixed headstock. The result really does speak for itself.

Schwanog impressed with optimum efficiency on the sliding headstock turning machine.

With a clear time saving of 57.8% over the copy turning process, Schwanog occupies the leading spot. With 18.91 seconds on the CNC sliding-headstock machine and a substantial lead of almost 26 seconds, Schwanog is setting an impressive benchmark for the external piercing application in terms of efficient and sustainable cost-effectiveness.

The practical test on the fixed-headstock turning machine

Once again Schwanog was the test winner with an impressive margin of almost 7 seconds opposite to the single-point turning technology, which corresponds to a time saving of 26.6%.