05. July 2022

Whirling of bone implants with large variances in depth of cut!

The solution for bone implants with larger heads!

Thread whirling with Schwanog is a proven and reliable solution to machine threads. The usual depth of cut of the whirling inserts is approximately 3.5 mm which means when using a 12 mm stock, we are able to remove material up to a screw core (minor-Ø) of 5 mm.

There are more and more implants on the market with a very large and elaborate head design but with a relatively small bone thread.

In the current example, the implant head has an OD of 11.8 mm, and a core (minor) diameter at the thread of 2.853 mm. The depth of cut using a 12 mm stock results in 4.573 mm and therefore falls out of our whirling inserts depth ratio, unable to reach the core diameter of 2.853 mm.

The technical challenge was to achieve this depth of cut with a cutter body suitable for the existing whirling attachment. Schwanog engineers found a solution in which the whirling inserts are positioned onto two different diameters. Three of the six inserts are used to whirl the raw material until obtaining a defined preliminary diameter while the other three inserts are finishing the major and minor diameters.

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Whirling of bone implants with large variances in depth cut
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