24. May 2023

MSLD System: Modular tooling system for swiss-type lathes!

Limited space inside swiss-type lathes with sliding heads often present a problem for quick and safe tool changeovers, thus we have developed a two-piece, compact tool changing system which consist of cartridges, bolted to the side of the base holder.

Different standardized cartridges for (form) grooving, longitudinal turning, and parting-off can be used on the base holder, which is flexibly adapted to the existing machine conditions. Both left and right-hand cartridges can be applied in the same base holder, thus the cutting tool can be positioned directly at the guide bushing or pick-off spindle.  The system is available with or without internal coolant supply.

System highlights:

  • Internal coolant supply directly to the cutting edge
  • Coolant connections on left-hand side and rear or designed machine specific
  • Superior flexibility due to standardized interchangeable cartridges
  • Cutting tool can be positioned directly at guide bushing or pick-off spindle
  • User-friendly and simple tool changeover in the machine
  • Prolonged tool life due to targeted coolant supply
  • Improved chip flow
  • Short, compact tool and cartridge lengths
System MSLD: Modular tooling system for swiss-type lathes!
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