26. June 2024

Schwanog interchangeable center drill!

To ensure consistently high precision in series production, center drills are used to prevent drills walking and to maintain a chamfer on the drill diameter.

Schwanog center drills are quick changeable and offer a high repeatability of ±0.01mm, resulting in less machine downtime. Designs range from 60 to 140 degrees and depending on the material to be machined various carbide grades and coatings can be applied.

The quick-change ability of the drill inserts guarantees a 40% increase in productivity. The interchangeable drills are offered in both left-hand and right-hand versions, where always the same holder can be used, which significantly increases flexibility. Upon request our drill inserts are available with edge preparation to reduce possible chatter.

Rely on Schwanog center drills for maximum precision and increased productivity.

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Schwanog interchangeable center drill!
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