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Data protection notice
All personal data collected on the Schwanog Siegfried Güntert GmbH website is stored, processed and in some cases passed on to Schwanog branches solely with the purpose of providing you with individual support, sending you product information or for the submission of service offers. Schwanog Siegfried Güntert GmbH assures that all data is handled in accordance with the applicable provisions of law with regards to data protection.

The majority of word and figurative marks on Schwanog Siegfried Güntert GmbH Internet pages are protected under trademark and registered design provisions. This applies especially to logos, product names and type designations.

Note on external links
In its judgement from 12 May 1998, the regional court [Landgericht] of Hamburg decided that the operator of a web site is responsible for the content of a web site to which it provides a link. This – as stated by the regional court – can only be prevented by the explicit dissociation from these contents. We have posted a number of links to other pages on the Internet on this website. As regards these links, we hereby wish to explicitly stress that we have no influence over the design and contents of the linked sites. This declaration applies to all links and to the contents of pages that our links lead to.

All rights to texts, images, graphics, sound files, and animations used in the design of these Internet pages are reserved by Schwanog Siegfried Güntert GmbH. These elements are as far as possible subject to copyright protection and other protection laws. In some cases, these elements used for design also fall under the copyrights of a third party. The contents of Schwanog websites may not be copied, distributed, modified or made accessible to third parties for commercial purposes. Files explicitly made available for download and publication by Schwanog Siegfried Güntert GmbH on the websites are exempt from this agreement.

No warranty, exclusion of liability
All Schwanog Internet sites were created with the greatest possible care. Nevertheless, Schwanog Siegfried Güntert GmbH cannot provide any guarantee for the exactness and accuracy of the information they contain. Schwanog Siegfried Güntert GmbH does not assume liability for damages arising either directly or indirectly from the use of this website, insofar as these damages are not based on intent or gross negligence on the part of Schwanog Siegfried Güntert GmbH or its vicarious agents.
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