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This is a big promise, but we are committed to this promise. And more importantly: We can keep our promise.

With our professional attitude and hard work, we have made a name for ourselves as a manufacturer of insertable form tool systems and have since offered individual and customer-specific grooving tools. The special thing about this: We already produce batch sizes starting from 3 pieces. And this in the shortest time, with the highest quality and cost-effectiveness.

We can realize this thanks to our self-developed grooving tools and systems. These are always based on a Schwanog tip holder and a Schwanog tool blank in which part-specific contours can be individually ground and wirecut. This means that our customers have enormous cost savings through the use of the Schwanog insertable form tool system, as they can reduce production costs by up to 40%.  

Within just a few years, this innovative strength has made us one of the world's leading grooving tool manufacturers in this market segment, with production sites worldwide. And the wealth of experience gained from well over 100,000 tools made to customer drawings puts us in a position to quickly and flexibly supply individually manufactured grooving tools in the shortest possible time.

If your company is working in the field of turning, drilling, broaching or milling, We are the ideal partner for you. 

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Schwanog not only has production facilities in Germany and France, but also in such important markets as the USA and China. These strategically important locations enable us to offer our products and services directly and locally and to react quickly.

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