WEP system

Threads can be manufactured with process reliability with one- to two-tooth WEP chasers. The 3-edged insert can be changed quickly with a high changeover accuracy and machining can be resumed immediately after the tool is changed without readjustment.

  • Chaser width: up to 12 mm

PWP system

The Schwanog PWP system is ideal for multi-tooth chaser or rough and finish chaser and can be used with all common holder types. Can be used on all lathes with a chaser attachment or on CNC-controlled machines.

  • Insert width: 9 - 33 mm

WSI system

Single-start or multi-start internal threads up to Ø12 can be manufactured reliably with the WSI system. The tool holders are equipped with internal cooling. The internal grooving inserts are continuously adjustable in length via an adjusting screw in the Z-axis, providing optimum stability and functionality when setting up and changing tools. The changing accuracy of the WSI system is < 0.02 mm.

  • For inside diameter: > 2 mm

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