Regrinding and recoating


Regrinding a tool pays for itself quickly, as only the cutting edges are resharpened and no complete re-profiling is necessary, thus eliminating the need for new raw material.

We are also the right address when it comes to reconditioning worn tools for maximum efficiency. When regrinding, we guarantee that the quality of the reconditioned tools is identical to that of a newly manufactured product, allowing you to continue working with the same cutting values.

Before grinding, we check the tool for the type, scope and cost-effectiveness of the necessary reconditioning to avoid unnecessary costs. Tools that can no longer be reground or can only be reground uneconomically will be returned to you marked and free of charge.


A coated tool must be re-coated after resharpening. Re-coating. 

Advantages of coating:

  • Increased wear resistance
  • Improved chip removal
  • Improved heat removal
  • Increased tool life