Quality assurance

At Schwanog, quality assurance and quality management go hand in hand. Quality assurance ensures careful final inspection of our individually manufactured grooving tools through the use of CCD camera technology. Camera measuring devices are used to check the contours of the grooving tool and compare them with the design drawing specifications. As a company, we are of course also always focused on monitoring and optimizing all elements of the value chain. Accordingly, we have a comprehensive management system that includes all process steps from the receipt of raw material to the shipment of the grooving tools. All processes involved in the realization of grooving tools are customer-oriented and their efficiency is continuously improved to meet market needs. And of course, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified as a grooving tool manufacturing company.



Of course, energy consumption also plays a decisive role in quality management. Relating to this commitment, we are certified as an energy-conscious company by the ICG (International Certification Group).