PWP System

The rapid change Schwanog PWP system has been developed for profile grooving on single and multi-spindle lathes, chuck lathes, turret lathes, CNC lathes and swiss-type lathes and can be used for all common types of holders. Due to the rapid changeability of the inserts and a high change accuracy, machining can usually be continued immediately after a tool change without the need for readjustment.

  • Groove width: up to 33 mm

WEP System

A special feature of the Schwanog WEP system is the three cutting edge design. If the first cutting edge is worn, by loosening a single screw the insert can simply be rotated to the next cutting edge and fixed in place. The rapid changeability of the inserts and the high changeover accuracy mean that machining can usually be continued immediately without the need for readjustment.

  • Cutting width: up to 16 mm

PWP-E System

Wider profile grooving can be achieved cost-effectively with the PWP-E exchangeable insert. As a disposable insert or when regrinding of the rake angle is only possible to a limited extent, its use is more advantageous than high carbide systems.

  • Groove width: up to 70 mm

PWP-B System

The Schwanog PWP-B System has been specially developed for multi-spindle automatic lathes to complement the proven PWP system for wider grooving applications. The special advantage is that multiple regrinding is possible at the chip angle.

  • Groove width: up to 70 mm

PWP-T System

The Schwanog PWP-T System is designed for profile grooving on Tornos multi-spindle automatic rotary machines. Simple replacement of the insert in a few seconds with precise fixing results and low downtime and thus higher cost-effectiveness.

  • Groove width: up to 30 mm

PWP-S System

The PWP-S roughing insert with sintered chip breaker ensures the maximum possible material removal before the actual copy turning and grooving operations.

  • Groove width: 9 - 15 mm

PCD System

All Schwanog tool systems can be equipped with PCD and used for machining precision parts made of non-ferrous metals and plastics. A significantly longer tool life and a greatly improved component surface quality are guaranteed


  • Groove width: up to 22 mm


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