Training as a metal cutting machinist (m/f/d)

As a cutting machine operator (m/f/d) you manufacture precision components made of metal for technical products of all kinds. You set up eroding, turning, milling and grinding machines and modify CNC machine programs. You repeatedly check whether the dimensions and surface quality of the manufactured workpieces meet the specifications. If malfunctions occur, you determine their causes with the help of suitable test procedures and testing equipment and take immediate remedial action. You will also perform maintenance and inspection tasks on the machines. Manual dexterity and a grasp of craftsmanship and technology are very important in this vocation. Good knowledge of mathematics is required, for example, when calculating machine setting values.

Duration of training

  • 2 1/2 years



  • Advanced technical college entrance qualification or university entrance qualification
  • Knowledge of common office programs
  • Commercial awareness
  • Good grades in mathematics and physics



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