11. October 2023

Successful Europe-wide recruiting of specialists: Bilal Moreno Ahmed supports the Schwanog IT department!

In view of the ongoing shortage of skilled workers in Germany, we have expanded our recruiting activities to Europe and are pleased to welcome our new Spanish employee Bilal Moreno Ahmed, who joined the Schwanog IT department in March of this year.

Bilal has consciously chosen Germany as a location and Schwanog as an innovative employer. The fact that his partner and dog also moved to Germany in August illustrates his long-term ambitions at Schwanog.

Bilal Moreno already speaks German very well, having worked in Germany before. After training as an IT specialist in Spain from 2011 to 2013, he started an apprenticeship as an electronics technician in Germany. After that, he went back to Spain again to successfully complete further training as a programmer. In the following three years, Bilal Moreno has developed Android and iOS mobile apps, redesigned software solutions, and developed and installed remote monitoring systems for industrial processes, among other things, as an IoT Developer and IoT Lead Developer.

With his expertise, Bilal Moreno is an important member of our IT department. He is enthusiastic about new technologies, the challenges of the future and feels very comfortable at Schwanog. His hobbies include cycling, river walks, photography and his dog.

The entire Schwanog team wishes Bilal Moreno with his partner and dog the fulfillment of professional and personal goals and much joy of life in our beautiful Black Forest.