14. July 2021

Thread whirling of 3-start bone screws to the collar

The 7 mm-wide 3-edge Schwanog insert makes this possible!

Many customers in the market see Schwanog as the pioneer of thread whirling with exchangeable tool inserts. Quite typical of this tradition of continuous innovation and optimization of its customers' manufacturing processes, Schwanog has perfected the thread-whirling of bone screws in a single pass. A 7 mm wide Schwanog insert was designed for this purpose which accommodates three cutting edges. With the Schwanog WEP system, 3-start bone screws can be produced up to the collar in one pass. The result is a significant increase in productivity while maintaining the highest precision and surface quality, which are of the utmost importance in medical and dental surgery. A prerequisite for achieving the highest quality is also a professional calculation of the distortion caused by the whirling process, which we offer our customers as a service.

The benefits at a glance:
  • Highest cost-effectiveness

Production of 3-start bone screws in one pass up to the collar with a significant increase in tool life

  • Impressive efficiency

Use of 7 mm wide exchangeable inserts with 3 cutting edges

  • Reduced setup costs

Fastest insert change without retooling